RTK V6 verifications engines not running


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I have noticed that I was not getting any verification on my shots the past two weeks. The LS will still get the shots without verification but will stall when it is required. I have been using the LS/T2 for the past five years with the same setup and procedures. The LS is running the Windows OS. Attached are some screenshots showing engines 2-6 being stuck in the reset mode. If two engines are required for verification the sixth engine will try to fix for a split second with the results as shown. Also the radio LED on the T2 is lit red constantly (VRAM has been reset). And there are communication issues with setting up the base where you think it is setup and working but it is not. Finally, the LS is having problems occasionally not fully starting or shutting down where a hard reboot is required to fix it. Not sure if this is a software or hardware issue. Thought about installing Linux but wanted to wait to see what the problem was. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Nate The Surveyor

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This is NOT professional help. It is not official help. It may lead to hair loss.
But you will have to MOVE up to Linux, and the latest release. Someday.
Because getting so far behind is like using a 5 yr old gps system.