Sales help e-mail?


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Hi all. I sent an e-mail to Michael Glutting but it bounced. Some research on the web found that he has moved on from Javad.
Is there another contact for sales now?

Nate The Surveyor

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It seems that Matt Sibole has been placed in the same place Gliding held.
I have found its a good idea to get acquainted with all of the PLS team.
Early on, Shawn Billings came up, and showed us the Javad gear. John Evers showed me how to turn on screen shots.
I've spoken with Adam too.
They are all very helpful.


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Thanks Adam. I tried calling but for some reason my service in Australia won't allow me to call the USA at the moment (tried to get this sorted but it was going to turn into an hour long phone waiting and repeating myself fest with my provider!).
I contacted Matthew Sibole and he has forwarded my query to Vladimir and Sergey.