Server Waiting Error

Nate The Surveyor

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I'm getting the above "server waiting error", when I try to DPOS. Does this mean that the Javad Server is off line for a while, or is it a local problem, and could be solved by going to another server?

If it means that the Javad Server is down, roughly how long do you expect it to be down? (for my planning purposes).

Thank you,


Greg Flowe

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I am having issues processing points through DPOS. I have been coming in from doing the job and process the points when I get in and have had no problems until the last 2 weeks. Now when I send to DPOS I have had to wait till the next day the last couple of times. The lastest job I sent was collected 5 hours ago and would normally process with no problems. Has something changed? Does this have anything to do with NC RTN being down?


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I think it could be related NCGS issues they are having. The old system that they have been using may not upload the data as quickly. But others outside of NC are having trouble too.

Matthew D. Sibole

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I have a few customers having issues as well here in Kentucky. Mine processed ok today but it took 20 min for it to process the CORS data.
...never mind, I forgot about the auto WIFI...I was not connected ton the internet for DPOS. My apologies! It is working now.