Setting to limit device to DGNSS?


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Hi, does anyone know a way to have J-Mobile set the device (T2 in this case) to do differential corrections only (not RTK Float or Fix)?
I have this set up in a script on my Windows device but not for my Android phone.


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True, but when using DGPS only you wouldn't have any corrections so it wouldn't Fix or Float. You will need to turn off any corrections.


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If you're talking about WAAS then I guess that is still a correction of a sort but we don't have that in Australia (we have something being developed but so far its not very accurate or reliable).
Our AusCors CORS system provides very good sub-metre DGNSS corrections as well as RTK via NTRIP - this is what I use on my Windows tablet. I guess I could set the reciever to do this by GREISS commands using the J-Mobile Terminal but I thought there might be a more strait forward way.