sim card in rover

Duane Frymire

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Customer Mike Magoon wants to use sim card in TLS rover, instead of hotspot on phone. So they took a sim card out of phone and put in slot 1 on TLS. So I copied the profile setup for using phone hotspot, and changed from wifi to cellular at appropriate places.

But I’m confused on the APN. What is sent to base is also what is in TLS. But base sim is static from CA with we01.vzwstatic, and sim slot 1 in TLS would I assume be a dynamic with vzwinternet. But don’t see a way to make them different.

Setting up the profile for sim card in base and in rover:

I click thru next until RTN APN and named that something like tcp t3 166158199166.

I then get to host name and enter the static ip

Then base/rover left screen TCP server configuration and APN. This is APN that gets sent to base but is also making it APN of TLS. So what is supposed to go here?

Matthew D. Sibole

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The APN will depend on what carrier it is.

It will be a dynamic card. If it is Verizon it should be vzwinternet. If it is att it will be broadband.

With that said his LS will need the cellular option turned on.

You do not have to do anything with the base at all to get the cellular to work on the rover. They are independent of each other.


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I fought with mine for a while before I found that it goes in backwards to what I expected AND I had to put my cell antenna on before the signal populated the info screen.

Wes Hand

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I have found the external jetpack or hotspot on the phone to be superior in reception/signal. I cant keep count of how many times my partner has been right beside me fussing about communication icon/signal going red and he breaks out his phone instead as as hotspot and goes back to work. The whole time I'm picking on him about just getting a jetpack because I'm getting signal where he cant with internal sim. He even purchased a longer antenna but it still does not compare. I'm just one opinion but it would be hard to convince me the internal sim gets better reception.