Sim Card Viability option...

John Troelstrup

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In the process of upgrading and needing feedback from users.
Does anybody have anything to share if Sim card communication is a viable replacement for UHF radio for base real time corrections?


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TCP gives you a lot more base site options. Don't have to worry about being within a couple thousand feet of your job site. Anything within about 7 miles works real good, you don't see much difference in how long it takes to fix out to there. After that it starts taking a little longer the further you go. I went 16 one time, it would fix but took longer than it should have. Shots were pretty tight though. It's nice to have a card from one carrier in the rover and a cell phone with another carrier. If the one in the rover doesn't have service you can turn your hotpot on and use the one in the cell phone. I've got Verizon and AT&T, usually one of those gets a signal. I rarely have to use UHF. However, you still it for when you can't get cell signal.