Star*Net Export: G0 Records

Jim Frame

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Unless I've missed a setting, the Star*Net export only puts out the G1, G2 and G3 records. These are adequate for adjustment, but the lack of vector identification when multiple observations are involved makes troubleshooting difficult. The G0 record can provide metadata that's useful in distinguishing between redundant vectors. Below is an example imported from a TBC export:

G0 'V1 PostProcessed 18-FEB-2020 20:28:42.0 9741-010.asc
G1 P267-1191 9133.056400 13784.494000 20790.508100
G2 2.766851102900E-004 3.676600754300E-004 3.966192016400E-004
G3 2.320391504300E-004 -1.019963456200E-004 -2.383545506700E-004

The G0 record shown provides a vector ID (unique to the Star*Net import process, so not germane to the J-Field export), vector data and time, and imported file name (also not germane to the J-Field export). Having that vector date and time is what I'd like to see.