I did a small survey today with my T2/LS combination setting up the T2 as the base on an autonomous point. I didn't actually check it, but, I've had the collection rate set to 5sec on the T2 for months and I didn't deliberately do anything to change it this morning. When I connected the LS to the base to shut it down this afternoon, I prompted it to stop and download so that I could process the base file with DPOS. Normally the download to the LS for a file of this size (about 4 hours) with the 5sec setting takes around a minute or less. However, it's been almost an hour and the Downloading window keeps climbing in time, it's at 5:40:16 now for the remaining download time. Should I just stop this download and try to recover the base file on the T2 using Net View and Modem on the PC?
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Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
You can download it through the DPOS screen. You can also download it using the manage files button which is accessible by pressing the button under Start/Stop base (it shows the base name and rover name). No need to use Netview and Modem. I would cancel the current download attempt though.
Shawn: Thanks for the help. I tried it this morning and it did work automatically with the menus that you suggested. I also cleared the navram on the T2 and updated the firmware.
Hopefully, no more problems with downloading.