T2 settings

Sean Joyce

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Looking at my T2 in Netview/modem. I need a refresher or someone to refer me to the proper settings for the T2. (Serial # 0087 firmware 3.6.12)
My initial question is about the "Positions" parameter settings, "measurements used" (currently "ca") and "positions systems" (currently GPS, GLO). I never set those and wonder if they are correct.

John Evers

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If you are using the LS to Start and Stop the T2, then all desired and needed settings are being set in that manner. There is no need to use Netview to set anything.

However, in Netview, you can capture all current settings to a script file. This is useful for resetting settings to be the same in the future. The cool thing is that the script file is actually just a text file of all of the Greis commands that are needed to make these settings. You can learn a lot about the system by looking up these commands in the GREIS manual!!

Jim Campi

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I just asked a similar question. My position computation mode is set to wd, the second to lowest in accuracy. I use the LS to start and stop the T2. It sounds like this setting is irrelevant in NET VIEW under these conditions. Is that correct?