Testing Linux OS update


Gregory Suvey Tech III LCEO
Just FYI, the testing Linux OS update has my Triumph-LS stuck in boot up. I was going to restore and I noticed the Javad GNSS Factory recovery tool is still using WinCE as the restore. Is there an update for the recovery using Linux OS?


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Please folks, don't use the testing version. Many, many, times my LS has been rendered useless and I'm sure all the other 5PLS team members too. The 5PLS team is happy to use the testing branch knowing we may step in it and be down. I don't wish that on anyone else who has a job to be done. We take the hits for you. If you are on it you may cost yourself time and money. Gregory, this is nothing personal to you. I am in the same boat as the others that didn't expect it. I had very important work planned for tomorrow for my 2 LS's. Now I'm down to 1. Luckily, I have 2 and I know what boat I'd be in if I didn't. No work, No money, No honey, you know how it goes. I know all the 5 PLS does what they do because they do (for a living) what you do.


Gregory Suvey Tech III LCEO
I like using the testing, especially if it helps work out the bugs in the releases faster. It is a minor inconvenience to have to restore. to anyone that has to restore, here is the link: http://www.javad.com/downloads/javadgnss/support/recovery/FactoryRecoveryTool.zip
Be sure once you have restored do a factory reset under system/restore or your Options update will not have the registration to update!
Have a Great day Gents!