Traditional Tribrach vs J-Pod

Is there a benefit other than potentially fixed height when using the J-Pod vs the tried and true tribrach? I've found that it takes longer and is harder to set the J-Pod up with my Triumph-1M than with a tribrach. The reason it takes so long is the large amount of play between the J-Pod Bracket and the J-Pod Leg. Has anyone else out there experienced these frustrations? It seems like it moves a little too much when the wind is blowing and when you're setting it up and you've got it "good" you come back after retrieving the rover to get the setup started only to see that it has settled out of plumb. Thanks in advance for any comments.
A person from my company contacted Michael a week ago and we have yet to hear back from him. We are waiting on that product to start a new job so if there was anything you could do to get me more information on what parts I need maybe I could order them myself. Thank you.