Triumph 1 not communicating after update

Nils Degerlund

New Member
I use a T2 as my base and Triumph 1 as my rover. Radio is HPT401BT. I am using Carlson SurvCE on a Carlson mini data collector. Every time I set up I load a Command File in order to allow the Carlson data collector to communicate. Everything was working fine until the beginning of March when I noticed that none of the Glonass satellites were sending data to my set up (very important here in Alaska) so I did a firmware update on both the T2 and the T1. I also cleared NVRAM. Now when I set up I go through the same process: I set up GPS Base, use the GPS Utilities feature to load the command file, then use the GPS Rover utility on Carlson. Since updating Firmware with the Stable version, I cannot get the T1 to communicate. Latency is "N/A". The Modem indicator remains red and the T1 remains Autonomous. Any ideas?

John Evers

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Please update the firmware of your T1 to latest version, not "stable" version. It is my understanding that "stable" version is the original firmware.