Triumph-1M Galileo & Beidou Options


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It came to my attention recently that our Triumph-1M base may not have the Galileo and Beidou optional features installed.

We have updated the firmware on our Triumph-LS receivers with the 2 and 6-engine multi-constellation upgrade, and we would like to begin utilizing the new constellations.

Is there an easy way to check to make sure we have (or don't have) the Galileo and Beidou options on our T-1M?
What is the cost/timeline on upgrading our T-1M with these options?
Will we be able to get a loaner T-1M so we can continue working in the meantime?
Is there any reason to use the multi-constellation firmware on the T-LS if we are using an un-upgraded T-1M as our base station?

Hi oajioka,

What is the serial number of your TRIUMPH-1M? You can email me directly if you'd like that information to remain confidential.