Triumph 2 as network rover

I currently use the Triumph 2 as a base with the LS. For the last 5 years I have also had a Spectra Precision receiver paired with a Carlson data collector which was used with one of our local RTN systems. For certain jobs, it has been advantageous to use the Carlson data collector with SurvCE since I'm using Carlson office software. The Spectra Precision receiver has recently stopped working and I'd like to know what upgrades (and cost) if any are necessary so I can utilize the Triumph 2 as an RTN network rover with the Carlson data collector. It seems that the Triumph 2 is supported by Carlson SurvCE versions 4 and newer so hopefully that won't be an issue. I also want to make sure that whatever upgrades/changes are required would not interfere with the continued use of the Triumph 2 as the base for the LS.
I should also add that the RTN corrections are received via a hotspot connected to the data collector; there is no internal modem or card in the Spectra Precision receiver.
WE have a Carlson data collector that we use with our total station. I would be very interested in hearing how this works for you.
If I could use this data collector in this way, it would be worth getting another T2 for use by our engineering staff.


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I use a Triumph LS with a Triumph 2 as a base. I also have Carlson Survey office and a Carlson Mini 2 for my total stations. In 2015 I worked for a firm that had Carlson minis and Topccon Hyper. I would use the Triumph 2 as a rover with one Mini the Hyper with the other both from the same Hyper base, and interchange back and forth (to T2 as base with LS).
I also ran the Triumph 2 as rover from RTN using the Mini 2.

But I am curious David why you would not just use the Triumph LS as a network rover? Even without a Javd base in RTN mode the Jfield RTK process if far superior to the Carlson. You loose a lot. Unless you just need a second rover while the LS is utilized I suppose....
Yes, I was thinking having a second rover available for limited use. Very happy with our LS as a rover, although I have only used it with the Triumph2 as a base, have not tried using it as a network rover.


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David the Carlson is configurable for use with the T2 as a network rover. The LS is easier to configure as one, and the increase in your options and productivity over the other is like going from a Stanley Steamer to a Tesla Model 3. I just can't understand why you would not?

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As a Javad dealer in Hungary I sold a few Triumph2 receivers as network rover together with Carlson SurvCE installed to different controllers (mainly with Nautiz X8GW and Juniper Mesa2 GC). For this you need T2 with RTK option, and a controller with internet connection. For internet access it is better to have controller with built in internet modem. Of course you can get internet access via Wifi, if you configure your smartphone as Wifi Hotspot. I suppose that your T2 has RTK option, if you can use it as RTK base, but I am not sure. FRom Carlson you need SurvCE v4.07 or newer version.
As noted above by Shawn, our T2 was already able to be utilized as a network rover. It was just a matter of setting it up in SurvCE in the data collector. There are also times I use the LS as a network rover but it's mainly used with the T2 in a base/rover configuration. The purpose of trying to use the T2 as a network rover is to take advantage of some features in SurvCE that as far as I know are not available in JField. For example, there are times when I need to place grade stakes in random locations based on a TIN model I have created with Carlson office software. There are also times when I need a single job file with both total station and GNSS points. For certain topographic survey tasks, SurveCE is also the most streamlined and powerful solution we have, particularly when combined with Carlson office software. I realize there are ways to accomplish some of this with JField, but it's probably not the most efficient means to accomplish some of my work needs. Most of the locations where I want the ability to use Carlson are pretty wide open so I don't necessarily need the superior RTK capabilities of the LS or a base/rover setup. With that said, I can honestly say that I haven't had to utilize the total station for any boundary work for the last year. That's where the LS really pays for itself with our work flow.