When all else fails others rely on JAVAD and DPOS

Sean Joyce

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hat tip Rob Stanton NYDEC
I hope this doesn't overwhelm OUR service!!!:oops:

Do you rely on the the U.S. National Geodetic Service (NGS) Online Positioning User Service (OPUS)? One of many unfortunate side effects of the U.S. Government Shutdown is the temporary loss of the OPUS service.

JAVAD's Data Processing Service (DPOS) is similar to OPUS, but DPOS also processes GLONASS data from stations that record GLONASS data too. In many cases DPOS may give you faster response too. DPOS processes only data from JAVAD GNSS receivers like TRIUMPH-2. If you have JAVAD GNSS data DPOS it! See https://protect2.fireeye.com/url?k=369f23f0-6ab91453-369ddac5-000babda0106-026b46c1dd627280&u=http://app.javad.com/ for details... Download "JAVAD GNSS Data Collection for OPUS/DPOS" from App Store for iOS platforms, or "JAVAD Android Tools" from Google Play Market for Android platforms. A single program can perform OPUS and DPOS tasks.
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I also noticed the GLO/BLM plat land records site is down too....fortunately we can still recover the original monuments deep in the woods with TLS visual stakout...and a machete....