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    What communication channel is preferable in your application?

    Cell, but I need both for sure. Especially with 5G rolling out, I understand the tower range is going to be less, we likely will have more dead areas.
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    T-1 RTN with public IP

    I miss Cinderella Days. 15 or so years ago I would plan on that nasty job for the second Tuesday of the month, and pray for good weather.
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    Battery going bad?

    Down to 7.1v after a about 8 hours use today.
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    Battery going bad?

    Morning update: Base: 8.16 board, and 8.27 on both batts Rover: 8.01 board, and 8.08 / 8.10 batts. So very similar. I am going out now, will see how long the rover takes to drop to yellow. These are almost 5 years old. Now I don't use them as much as many owners, but they are out 2-3 times a...
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    Battery going bad?

    Just ordered them. Want them ready when I need them. It also gave me an opportunity to order the small green plugs - one somehow jumped off the rover and disappeared. I will email on the SurvCE when I get things installed and able to play with them. OK, question, I was browsing the...
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    Battery going bad?

    The receiver was on my desk for about 30 minutes running. Board Voltage, is 7.77, Bat A 7.72, Bat B 7.88 I will charge again overnight and check in the morning. No big issues on the Galileo upgrade. I assumed things needed to be paused and reset throughout the company with Javad's passing...
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    Battery going bad?

    I put my receivers on the charger Friday, and this morning I noticed that the base was blinking green like normal - fully charged, but the rover is blinking yellow. I turned it on and it is a solid yellow now. Is it finally time to put a set of batteries in this receiver? I guess I would...
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    Javad 35 watt radio range

    I really like the option on the old yellow bricks to set everything up while it was running 1w, and then when done and ready to go a long distance, flip the hard switch on the back and bump it up to 35w.
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    Antenna whip cutting

    It has been years, but I cut my own to a specified length. I don't remember it being mm critical.
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    Low cost static receiver

    That is a decent price for a static only receiver, and it is very small too. Remember, T2 does not track all of the Gallileo & BieDou signals however. I am not sure sub $1k is realistic right now for a survey product. $2k, I can see that though - but I would want it a fully capable 3 or 4...
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    Javad’s passing

    Truely a loss for the whole surveying community, whether they are JAVAD GNSS customers or not. It was remarkable that an ordinary surveyor such as myself could send a note, and get a reply from the father of surveying GPS. I think he strived every day to improve the surveying profession...
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    Victor-LS End of Life ?

    When I am doing 'normal' boundary jobs I really like using my carlson DC with my T1M heads. I need to switch back and forth between GPS, my robot and my conventional TS. I had been thinking that when I do the boundary jobs, strictly in the back woods, it could be neat to get a Victor LS to use...
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    Post pics of difficult shots

    Quick shot of this years rink layout for the UP Pond Hockey Championship. Open water was close, but the ice was good (for only about 3 weeks!)
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    Possible New GNSS Systems?

    With the launch of 60 more of SpaceX's starlink satellites, I have to wonder, in the near future, will a space-based internet satellite system be able to enhance or replace the existing GNSS structure? Sure, at the heart of it all, GNSS satellites are basically atomic clocks, and starlink does...
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    I have a pair of T1Ms and was considering this, as I still want to use my carlson DC on occasion. The T1Ms are rugged as all hell. The external antennas on the T3 brings me back to my original Hiper days, and worry about damaging things - they just don't look like they will hold up.