1. Tyler

    Static Accuracy

    To achieve a more accurate result is it better to run a 15 minute static observation on a point using the "accept all" option or is it better to have a base setup nearby and occupy the same point for 15 minutes accepting only "fixed" measurements. I see that the spec. sheet for the static/fast...
  2. Tyler

    1 cm level vertical accuracy at 90% confidence

    Is it possible to achieve 1 cm level vertical accuracy with a 90% confidence interval with RTK methods? We have a Triumph 1-M base and the Triumph LS + receiver. Or is this only possible by performing a static session? I have no issue getting a relative accuracy to meet ALTA/NSPS standards at 2...
  3. Tyler

    Setting up a permanent base

    We are thinking about setting up a permanent base at our office. Does anyone have experience doing something similar? We would be using a Triumph 1-m or T-3 with Internal Cellular Modem and Verizon Sim Card w/ Static IP. What other equipment would we need in order to make this possible? We...
  4. Tyler

    School Project

    I was curious if anyone can think of good ideas for a Senior Project regarding use of RTK Surveying, more specifically with the use of a Triumph LS and T1M Base. The project would need to contain a field portion and an analysis portion. I am interested in relating this project to accuracies in...