Static Accuracy


To achieve a more accurate result is it better to run a 15 minute static observation on a point using the "accept all" option or is it better to have a base setup nearby and occupy the same point for 15 minutes accepting only "fixed" measurements.

I see that the spec. sheet for the static/fast static on the LS+ shows: Horizontal: 0.003m + 0.1 ppm, Vertical: 0.004m + 0.4 ppm. What is the method for achieving these results?

What other errors should be anticipated and minimized in an attempt to reach this ideal positional accuracy shown on the spec sheet?

Jim Frame

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15 minutes is traditionally regarded as a minimal rapid-static observation. Under good conditions you can get excellent results from a session that short, as long as the vector(s) aren't too long (e.g. 10 km or less). I can't say there are no circumstances in which a 15-minute RTK shot isn't more accurate, but I would default to the static session every time. Static also gives you the opportunity to use a precise ephemeris.