triumph ls

  1. Tyler

    Reviewing RTK measurement by each epoch

    Is there a way to review the results of an RTK measurement by each epoch? I have a 2 hour measurement that I was hoping I could export to an excel file to review the northing, easting, and elevation for each epoch.
  2. Tyler

    Static Accuracy

    To achieve a more accurate result is it better to run a 15 minute static observation on a point using the "accept all" option or is it better to have a base setup nearby and occupy the same point for 15 minutes accepting only "fixed" measurements. I see that the spec. sheet for the static/fast...
  3. Tyler

    RTPK Elevations vs Base Processed RTK Elevation from 6 Mile Baseline

    We've recently setup our Javad LS + units to use cellular corrections from our T3 Base. I thought I would share some of the elevation data we've gathered to discuss which should be used, RTPK or base processed RTK and what should be expected from longer Baselines.. **This is not an actual...
  4. SynGeo

    Peculiar DPOS processing problem

    We're running two Triumph LS, one as the base and the other as the rover connected over LTE. At the end of the day, we copy the base file via dropbox over to the rover, attached it to a recovered base point and process it. Over the last couple jobs (last three days) the file uploads to DPOS but...
  5. Tyler

    School Project

    I was curious if anyone can think of good ideas for a Senior Project regarding use of RTK Surveying, more specifically with the use of a Triumph LS and T1M Base. The project would need to contain a field portion and an analysis portion. I am interested in relating this project to accuracies in...