Reviewing RTK measurement by each epoch


Is there a way to review the results of an RTK measurement by each epoch? I have a 2 hour measurement that I was hoping I could export to an excel file to review the northing, easting, and elevation for each epoch.

Nate The Surveyor

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Just thinking out loud here. If you want to review this, yourself, you would want to do it on a big screen, at home or office.
If you want that on the LS, you would only want a graph screen, showing some time frame, like 3, 5, 10, or 20 minutes at a time. So you can use this profitably.
Already, you can export your files, Rinex them, and there is software that allows a great deal of user flexibility. I’m not sure what brand would suit you best. But this is not RTK any more.
There is a Ballance between details, and efficiency. Details are not efficient. Automation is.
Where do we draw the line?

Wes Hand

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Tyler.,, can I ask what is your goal? When you say the results I’m thinking that the result is a rtk shot that meets variety or meets rtpk verification settings and ultimately was it a correct fix. Was the 2 hour shot a good solution or a float solution? Are you wanting to see what the peak to peak values are? A 2 hour shot is a long time to sit and I’m curious of what system you are running. I may be interpreting your original question or purpose is why I’m asking.



Mostly curious about how the position shifts over time. I saw a video on the accuracy of RTK and they were comparing random chunks of 3 min intervals to evaluate the differences in position. I wanted to test our LS unit to see what kind of results we might get if we chose to accept a single solution from a 30 second shot. I don't anticipate doing this often but I wanted to verify the accuracy stated by the LS+ spec sheet.

I will probably setup the unit to accept after every 10 second or so to evaluate. I'm not aware of a free service to view a longer measurement epoch by epoch.