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    JMT on iPhone 12 doesn't connect to Triumph2 without cellular service

    JMT on iPhone 12 ios 14.6 doesn't connect to Triumph2 without cellular service using the hotspot method or any other method. Using the latest stable FW. Does anyone here know of a way to resolve this issue? Most of what I do is in remote areas with no cellular service. Thank you
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    Failure to connect with iPhone

    I have been using JMT for years with my iPhone and find the process easy and very productive. A couple of days ago, I attempted to connect via WIFI, as usual, but the T-2 does not show up as an available network on my iPhone. I had to collect static data and then download it with Network and...
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    Connection fail with Javad Mobile Tools and NetView

    Hi wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. I have been successfully using the JMT app for several months. I updated to the newest version and I am now unable to connect. To be clear I can see the wifi network and successfully connect to that with my iphone (ios 10.3.3) but the app...