1. J

    JMT on iPhone 12 doesn't connect to Triumph2 without cellular service

    JMT on iPhone 12 ios 14.6 doesn't connect to Triumph2 without cellular service using the hotspot method or any other method. Using the latest stable FW. Does anyone here know of a way to resolve this issue? Most of what I do is in remote areas with no cellular service. Thank you
  2. C

    Finding a point using bearing and distance from a survey

    Apologies if this is a simplistic question related to the rest of the content on the forums here. I'm having trouble finding how to use a survey point, a bearing, and a distance to find a second location. It looks like I can use the CoGo feature on the JMT app for Android, but I just can't...
  3. Amy Peterson

    Using JMT on Windows CE device?

    Hello! Last year I successfully set up JMT on my android phone, connecting to our CORS here in the Northern Territory (part of Australian AUSCORS network) via NTRIP. I haven't used it extensively or use all the functionality, but enough to like what I see and know that it is efficient for our...