Using JMT on Windows CE device?


Last year I successfully set up JMT on my android phone, connecting to our CORS here in the Northern Territory (part of Australian AUSCORS network) via NTRIP.
I haven't used it extensively or use all the functionality, but enough to like what I see and know that it is efficient for our day-to-day work in survey auditing, compliance and also geodesy (survey control coordination) and datum migration tasks.

SO, I just purchased 2 more Javad Triumph 2s (we now have 8) along with 4 x Mesa2 tablets, thinking I could run JMT on them. The Mesa2's are Windows CE based, however at the time of purchase I thought they also ran Android OS. I think this may've been model specific and can't seem to switch between OS. My question is - does JMT run on Windows CE, and if "no", can you create a virtual machine or something to facilitate this? I'm not familiar with work-arounds. I've had other collection software recommended, but for the functionality it affords, and price point, I would like to get JMT up and running.

Thanks for your help!

Matt Johnson

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The documentation for the Mesa 2 tablets states they can have a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit or Android 5.1 OS. Have you tried contacting their support to see if you can change your units to the Android OS or exchange them for units with Android?

It is not possible to run JMT on Windows.