1. brentgeorge

    Triumph-2 - Missing C2 observables

    We have been using Triumph-2 units for capturing static GNSS data for many years. They are great little units that have always delivered. However, I had a wee glitch last week that has me worried (that it may happen again). We captured about 90mins of data at a clear site. All seemed to go...
  2. C

    Finding a point using bearing and distance from a survey

    Apologies if this is a simplistic question related to the rest of the content on the forums here. I'm having trouble finding how to use a survey point, a bearing, and a distance to find a second location. It looks like I can use the CoGo feature on the JMT app for Android, but I just can't...
  3. Zoltan Varga

    Bluetooth pairing T2 and HPT401BT

    Hello, My T2 is configured to send out correction via blt-b port. I configured the HPT with ModemVU. I set the MAC address of the T2, changed the mode to Master and turned the BT on. If I turn on T2 and HPT, while I connect NetView to the USB port of T2, I can see on the Ports/Bluetooth dialog...