1M sticky top

Matthew D. Sibole

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I agree.
However, until a fix for the “known problem” is implemented this will continue to be a problem. So if you don’t want it to get sticky then the products above should help.

Darren Clemons

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Never seen a Topcon do this.
....that’s exactly what I’ve said about a million times since we switched to Javad equipment!! Not referring to the sticky top specifically, but on just about every job where I take it down in the deep, dark woods and canopy where we work. Got that shot in 5 minutes - “never seen a Topcon do that”; processed, applied and shifted my state plane coordinates by internal WiFi - “never seen a Topcon do that”; processed a PPK point within 0.04’ from 15 minutes of static data directly stored in my rover - “never seen a Topcon do that”; etc; etc.

Without a doubt, the sticky top problem is there and is a pain. All three of ours have deteriorated and look awful, but it hasn’t affected the performance in the least. I’m not disagreeing with Clifton in that something this expensive shouldn’t need an aftermarket product, but if I HAD gotten a new top, I certainly would drop the $16 bucks for a protectant for a $10k piece of equipment that’s been proven and known to have this problem. We all usually put tons of protectants and things all over brand new $60k+ vehicles every day.

Jon Gramm

I am wondering if the color, and the pigments used to manufacture the top of the dome are absorbing more blue light, heat, or something of that nature causing the degradation of the plastic.
I know the color is a branding thing, but it would be interesting to see if the problem occurs with a different color, or more reflective plastic top using the same plastic.
Is the plastic for the top of the dome the same as the bottom? Have you experienced the same stickiness with the bottom plastic of the receiver?

The tops of the domes I have used from other manufacturers were generally an off white, and have never seemed to degrade, or soften even after years of use and exposure to the elements.

UV protectants may be a partial solution, but I think there is more going on here than what is in the visible or invisible spectrum. (Sorry, bad joke.)

Clifton Keith

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60k won't touch it.


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My T2 is the same, I think it got OFF! on it. DEET will do that most plastics and some finishes. In my experience it can't be cleaned or restored... I've since switched over to only Picaridin based repellents.

Matthew D. Sibole

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Get a UV protectant. Matt Johnson posted a couple of links to some that will stop that from happening or at least slow it down. It will be similar to what you would spray on a cars dashboard.