1M sticky top

The top of my 1M is dirty and sticky. I cleaned it with windex and it did not help. Seems like the material may be breaking down. Anyone else having this happen?


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I would be surprised if you could not order a new top piece from the factory.

I would start by scraping it all over with a plastic card or putty knife. Then I would go after it with a a small brush and dawn dish soap.

My T1Ms have that slightly soft plastic top as well. I think I can imagine if you got some type of oil on it it could degrade some.

Matthew D. Sibole

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He has spoken to me about it and I am unsure how to clean it.

My T2 ended up the same way. I ended up with a new cover. He may need to speak with Michael to figure out what he should do.


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Could that be from putting them in some sort of bag after being in the sun all day? Just curious, mine has seen rain, snow, and sun and doesn't look bad.
On a more serious note, folks have messed up gps antennas before, by painting them. So i know thats a big no no. The materials that will work, as covers, for gps antennas, are limited.
So, it's always best to "send 'em home to mamma".