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We all post stuff, ask questions, get answers, complain, compliment, etc.

I thought it might help tell a little about where we are coming from, because it affects our answers to life's questions. And, why we want good survey gear. We all have to prioritise, our time, and energy. We all buy equipment, to support our "other habits". Telling about our other habits, shows our need for equipment. Here is where my attention needs to be: This is baby Tabitha, and Mary, (11).

So, here is my short meet and greet:
Nate, you have an itch and the prescription is more debt and new receivers;)
Ryan, you are partially correct. It will be a while, before I go there. But, it sparked this post.

I've got a wife, 12 kids, 8 of which are still at home. 3 grandkids. And more expected.
Our youngest kid at home is 4 months.
We homeschool. And have a milkcow. We make a number of products from cows milk.
I stay busy.
Theologically, we are Non-dispensational, Baptist, but accept Pentacostalism, in a mild way. We aren't Calvinist, but we are Eternal security. Jesus is the lawful heir to king David's throne. All those who know Jesus, have life. We are mission minded. Those who don't know Christ are dead in trespasses and sins.
We like to catch and eat fish. Or barbeque on the river.

We derive much of our thinking from John chapter 3, Matthew 24, the Pauline Epistles, and the book of Acts. We think Genesis is honest, literal history, not an allegory.

My parents live nearby. Dad is 92, mom is 88. They have a small garden. And some goats. They are starting to need more help. They have a live-in helper, who is 70. But, we'll wind up taking care of him too, in all likelihood.
Dad's memory is fading pretty fast. He still walks without a walker, and reads the newspaper, without glasses. He is quite independent. But, needs some help. We took the car keys away from him about a year ago. Yesterday, he asked me who my parents are.
More debt right now would short somebody, that needs me right now. My next need is a newer computer. And probably the latest version of Carlson. Someday, I hope to get the latest and greatest from Javad, but right now, others need me. There is always the need to stay abreast of technology. Thank you javad for continuing to support the T-2 project. Steve Hankins tells me he managed to upgrade his T2, to use more constellations, (just L1) I'll be relying on it for a while yet.
Gotta go milk!

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