'Accept As' hardware button interaction

Eric Tweet

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I've been shooting some cross sections using Stake Line as a guide, which is exceptionally handy. So when I shoot a point, I use Accept As to enter the code, description, etc, and store the point as a Survey point.
I also notice that in addition to the default Accept As white box, the usual Accept button (very bottom right) is also replaced with Accept As. Great, plenty of options there.

Here's the rub, though. I can't use the "+" hardware button to engage the Accept As button in the way that the normal Accept works, as well as every single other button in J-Field that appears next to the "+" button on any screen.

Is there a setting somewhere that allows the use of the "+" button for Accept As? If there is such a setting, why is the ability to Accept As with the "+" button not enabled by default? Or maybe this is another case of newbie syndrome and the solution is blindingly obvious.

I'm into the rain/snow/cold/nonsense season this time of year, stomping through the ice-laden swamp, and of course gloved to the gills. The last thing I want to be doing is fishing around for a stylus or taking off the gloves just to tap a button that should be associated with a big, convenient hardware button.

Nate The Surveyor

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I'm pretty sure it's a temporary bug.
I thought the other day that my + button had a bad contact, or was failing, over this very issue. I'm pretty sure it USED to work.
Thanks for bringing this up. We do need this hardware button, in this place in the program.