And the Testing Begins....

Nate The Surveyor

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Can it shoot DOT reflector tape?
My Leica can only shoot 100'. (Reflectorless)
I can shoot 4000' to a 2" square piece of dot tape.

Duane Frymire

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I'm wondering about tree inventory for forestry application. Looks like there might be a way to set up in forest, set it to spin 360° and locate all trees of certain diameter at breast height within a given distance range (50-100 feet maybe)?

Joe Paulin

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The suspense is killing me:D:D! Shawn, how is your J-Mate testing going?? Can you give us any first impressions?

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
Hi Joe. It is going well so far. We're still working on the software so I can't comment too much on the features yet, simply because the features are not fully matured.

Hardware is very impressive. The build quality is very good. The unit feels solid while also being very compact. Laser range is exceeding expectations and should be able to easily meet our initial goals. The camera image is very good. It is transmitted via WiFi because WiFi is the only thing that can carry the necessary bandwidth. Latency has generally shown to be reasonable (at or below 0.5 second by my estimate), with occasional hiccups that may cause a bit of a lag (3-4 seconds by my estimate), but I expect that will be squashed pretty soon. WiFi range has been promising, again easily far enough to meet our initial goals. One of the things I was concerned about before taking it outside was whether the LS screen would be bright enough to see the image clearly in the sun. I have been very pleased with the clarity of the J-Mate video feed on the LS while outside. Another thing that impressed me was working at dusk. When it starts getting dark, it can be difficult to see detail through a total station. The image from the J-Mate camera after sunset on a cloudy day was extremely impressive. I could see the image very clearly. I'm sure that it was better than looking through a total station scope in the same lighting.

I cannot speak to precision yet as we were waiting on one last calibration before we could start testing that, which was just released yesterday. The testing I have done shows a lot of promise though in this regard. The internal tilt sensors have an enormous range (+/- 7.5°) so setting up is very fast, and the results seem good, but I hope to have actual data to see for sure soon.