Antenna whip cutting

Nate The Surveyor

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I cannot fathom the concept of buying survey equipment, and being unable to give and receive directions on cutting these, for the proper frequency. I studied a page from a local radio shop vendor. It was plain enough. I'm not complaining. I'm just bugged by this issue!
Next time I go to radio shop, I'll try to get real information. I do remember when I was about 10 yrs old, that you wanted the tx and rx antenna to be close to the same length. Also, you can slowly cut a centimeter, or mm, until signal peaks for a particular frequency, then begins to drop in signal strength. Then, you can change frequency, to slightly compensate for the slightly too short antenna. But, it's been a while.
Obviously, it's our weak link. Note to self: figure this out... When opportunity presents.

Aaron S

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Dear Aaron,
Please send only UHF Antenna, 5/8, 5dBd gain, NMO.
Please do not send other items, extra-long cable etc.
Please print an attached file and enclose it in the parcel with UHF Antenna.

GNSS RMA # JG20061818
Ship to: JAVAD GNSS Inc
Address: 900 Rock Avenue
San Jose, California 95131
Attention: Margil Anderson
Tel: + (408) 770-1770

Best regards, Andrey.
The UPS tracking shows that my antenna has been received at Javad headquarters. Any idea when my pre-tuned antenna will be shipped to me?