Are you a J-Mate tester?

Jim Campi

Active Member
I'm in. Most of my work is on 10 acres or less with an emphasis on topo work. It's not uncommon that I have a significant number of points to collect under heavy vegetation. It seems like this system was designed for me. I have thought so many times how helpful it would be to have a robotic total station (mine is manual). Javad goes beyond that and he creates the "Total Solution" that allows the user to collect point data with the LS under clear skies and where they are not, the J-Mate fills in with the LS located in better conditions. I see less time rotating the LS to get the maximum number of fixed engines to increase productivity (at the end of a topo, I know the optimal bearing for the LS with respect to location on the property - difference in time to collect a point with 2 vs 5 fixed engines is significant on a topo). If I have areas that bounce around between 1 and 2 engines I hope to move to the J-Mate, assuming it collects quickly.

I am also interested in the scanner. I may be on-site involved in soils testing or something non-survey related for several hours. If I can set up the J-Mate to work (even if it requires occasional attention) while I am, that is a remarkable increase in productivity. I prefer to work in lump sum agreements. If I can add 1 project a week because there are times where both the J-Mate and I are working simultaneously on different tasks, then that is increases my bottom line.

Looking forward to starting the process.