Auto Starting before RTPK is finished


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My LS+ automatically starts another shot when I reject one UNLESS I wait for RTPK to get done processing? Here's what happens. I start a shot. I decide to not wait. I click STOP. Before RTPK gets done doing its stuff, I click REJECT. The LS+ automatically starts another shot. Then I have to quickly click STOP and WAIT for RTPK to finish and click REJECT before it will quit. Annoying. Though you'd wanna know. Anyone else experiencing this?

Darren Clemons

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Yep, same thing here. Started with last pre release update last week I believe. I’ve been meaning to post it but hadn’t gotten around to it.

David M. Simolo

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We have noticed the same on a T-LS / T3 combo. I think you can hit "stop" on the RPTK white button so you don't have to wait.