Base Receiver

John Evers

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I might add, there are likely to be a few Triumph 2 base units available for sale, due to a number of user recently upgrading to the new Triumph 3. The cost of the Triumph 2 was very attractive. This would allow you to take advantage of the entire Javad capabilities.

Even more attractive though is the performance enhancement obtained by the new Triumph 3. I can not recommend trying to save money on a base unit.

Jim White

It may be similar to my experiment of using a leica base... The correction works fine, and the solution resolves nicely. However, you cannot use the base/rover utility to configure the location of the base, so you must set the location of the base through its own configuration process.

Steve Douty

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However; some of us have purchased a T-3, or we are using an LS for a base and it would be nice to get the most out of our old T-2. Otherwise our T-2 just gathers dust.
OOPS! I had it in my mind that this was the "Good News" thread. My apologizy.

Aaron S

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My prior receiver was a Trimble R8. Is there any chance I could use that as my base receiver for My LS?
I did exactly this before I bought my T-2. It was an R8-3, so you at least had GLONASS and GPS. I broadcast this with their PDL450 radio, and the LS ran just fine off it. I had to have their controller just to get the base configured and up and running at the start of the day (just stash it in the truck after the base is broadcasting). But after that , the LS worked nicely with stuff from the other guys.

Doug Carter

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I had an opportunity to connect to a Trimble base with my LS plus rover . Every thing connected fine I received the radio but had no base coordinate position . does any one know how I put the base coordinate position in the rover.

Phillip Lancaster

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Isn't that in the compass button on what to record? Pretty sure it is there under the "screenshots, camera, raw data, etc. If my memory is working correctly it's a check box on base point.