Base-Rover Setup

Matthew D. Sibole

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You need to go to home/setup/ hit edit at the top left then go to advanced/RTK/dgps click RTK rate to 0.2 sec and check the use data upsampling and hit ok. This should fix the problem.

In base/rover setup the radio needs to be set to transmit at 1 sec. Then "beast mode" will work and save your radio battery and keep your radio from getting so hot.

John Evers

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Take a look at your General Setup profile. Under Advanced, RTK/DGPS, you need to set the rate to be 0.2.

it is recommended to use the 1HZ for the actual broadcast rate though. In which case you would want to also select the check mark for Up-sampling on the same screen that you set the RTK rate. browser did not display Shawn and Matt's reply until I answered???

Aaron S

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Shawn - I left you a voicemail but I have to leave the office unexpectedly and won't be in until Monday. I'll see that I'm using the settings Matt and John suggested, but I'm pretty sure that's what I had.