Glen Yasharian

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I know there have been posts regarding base shift, but, I can't find any specific to my question. Assuming that the possible bug in the 'base shift' function on the LS has been resolved, is it possible to use the average of several shots for the point that you want to shift to? Whenever I use this to shift an atonomous session over to established coordinates, it only allows me to RTK one point for the shift. I suspect that this is assumed only to be a temporary measure until the base file and RTK shots are DEPOS'd. However, there are some circumstances where I would like to hold one legacy coordinate and adjust the new work to it, such as when extending control for the same project ; I would just feel better if I could average several RTK shots to make the translation (and without doing a more complicated localization).


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Have you tried using mlocal from the processed points screen? Its the icon that has two parralel planes on top of each other.

Glen Yasharian

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I should have mentioned that the 'legacy' coordinates and the 'new' coordinates are both in State Plane; neither is a 5000/5000 local system. I'm working in mountainous, wooded terrain with very few open sites for the base. So, I set a point as far from the first base as I could, then leap-frogged to an open site beyond it and set up the base on a second point (autonomous). I took several shots on the 'in-between' station and averaged them. There is only about 0.06' difference between the coordinates for the common point after I DEPOS'd the second base setup, but, I would rather have shot the whole project from one base setup to prevent this error from increasing, but, that won't be possible ( it will probably take a total of three base locations to cover the whole site.) I can do a simple translation in the office. The M-local seems to be a 1 point transformation. Looking at the video on this, it appears that it was intended to adjust GPS coordinates back to a local '5000,5000' ground system.

Phillip Lancaster

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If you're working in state plane. Then each site could be autonomous. Shooting a point or two from previous setup would be a check after DPOS of each base site.

Nate The Surveyor

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If you have a localize, and the local page is active, then it could appear that it's all in the local system. But, no, it will be using the underlying spc.
This aspect of the Javad system is light years ahead of any other system yet available.