Beast Mode on the T-2


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Can I get my T-2 upgraded to Beast Mode? I need better autonomous positions under tree canopy.
Right now my $60 15 year old SiRFstarIII outperforms my T-2 if there are any trees around. Which is fine if I'm working under trees, but in mixed canopy/open it means the T2 is out.


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Don't use RTK. Just WAAS.
I use the T-2 to report the position of my geophysical instruments in real-time. The smallest sensor is 1 meter wide, the largest is 3 meters wide. The T-2 generally reports a position under open sky of 0.5-0.8 meters accuracy, which is fine given the size of my sensors. I have the T-2 setup to send a position to my dataloggers every second, my datalogger software interpolates instrument positions between these points.
The problem is when I have mixed open sky/canopy project sites. Then this happens:

I didn't really make incursions there deep into the woods, the T-2 just suddenly reported a position 20 feet north and the datalogger software interpolated so that it looks like I did. The SiRFStarIII reports positions of ~2 meters accuracy under dense canopy, which is larger than my sensor size, however the pass-to-pass precision of the SiRFStarIII chip is about 1 meter, so it's still useful for mapping.

Matt Johnson

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"Beast Mode" is RTK processing at 5 Hz. Are you sure those outlier points are DGPS solutions and not autonomous solutions?


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Yes, I am positive they are DGPS and not autonomous. The GGA sentence indicates DGPS correction for all points, but SVs on these outliers drops from 9-10 to 7-8, HDOP also drops from ~0.95 to ~1.17
So Beast Mode wouldn't help me then is what I'm understanding.