Can't connect to iPad

I can not get my iPad to connect to my TRIUMPH-2. The TRIUMPH-2 is brand new. The iPad is running version 11.1.2.

The following settings have been made in the TRIUMPH-2:
%04%set,/par/net/wlan/ap/id,"00:00:00:00:00:00"%05%set,/par/net/wlan/ap/mode,"wpa"%06%set,/par/net/wlan/ap/passphrase,"12345678"%07%set,/par/net/wlan/ip/addr, %08%set,/par/net/wlan/ip/gw,,/par/net/wlan/ip/mask,

I continually get a "Connection Timeout" from NetBrower on the iPad.


Matt Johnson

Well-Known Member
The script you posted are the settings for connecting to the Javad Mobile Tools app but in your screenshots you have Netbrowser running. Netbrowser connects to recievers on a local network. Are you wanting to use Javad Mobile Tools or Netbrowser?