connect triumph2 to computer

Jason Scott

I can’t get my triumph2 connected to my computer via usb. I tried installing the usb drivers for the triumph 1 but that didn’t work. are there usb drivers for the triumph2 somewhere?

I also tried to connect over Bluetooth. is there a passcode for the triumph2 for pairing? I’ve tried “none” 1111 and 1234. they don’t seem to work.


Matt Johnson

Well-Known Member
You must use also use NetView to connect. Here are the full instructions:

To establish a USB connection with a Windows based PC to the TRIUMPH-2 follow these steps:
  1. Download the TRIUMPH-2 USB driver to your local drive,
  2. Extract the contents of the archive to your local drive
  3. Plug the USB cable into the receiver first and then plug into the PC
  4. Power on the GNSS receiver
  5. Windows will begin searching for the appropriate USB driver. Click on the device driver search icon to open the Update Driver dialog window and select "Browse my computer for driver software."
    1. If you do not see this icon or missed it when Windows initially attempted to install the TRIUMPH-2 USB driver, please see USB troubleshooting below
  6. Click "Browse" and navigate to the location where the USB driver files have been extracted on our local drive
  7. Windows will prompt you when the installation process has completed and indicate what COM port has been assigned to the TRIUMPH-2
  8. To test the connection, run NetView,, and select SER from the connection setting drop down menu. If the expected COM port does not appear in the list, click Refresh Ports. Finally, click Connect.