Construction Staking; Specifically Roading (Aligments, Cross sections, etc.)


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I do a fair amount of construction staking, but haven't used the LS for staking alignments with vertical profiles or cross sections, so I have zero experience with that part of the LS

I've been successful at importing an alignment with an associated vertical profile (.xml file from Civil3D), and building a typical section.
The typical cross section I'm dealing with would have a CL, lip of gutter, flow line, TBC and back of sidewalk.
One of my questions is: What is the best way to stake out an offset to a TBC? ie: If the TBC is 25' from center, what is the best way to stake a 7' offset and get Cut/Fill to the TBC?

Talking on the phone with @Matt Sibole...he suggested defining the cross section out to the TBC, then creating another segment of the cross section at 7' (or more) at 0% slope. That would cover at least a 7' offset, and out to whatever the extra segment length is.

Can I tell the LS I want to stake that 7' offset line from the TBC and use the TBC as the reference elevation for cut/fill?

Also, what is the best way to stake a given station, and a given offset?

If I compute a point at a given station and given offset, can I see the elevation that was calculated?

More questions to come, I'm sure!

Matt Johnson

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The easiest way is to stake the TBC and then go to the points that are at 7' right or left of the alignment.

I've never used Civil3D but with Carlson you have it create points from your alignments and profiles and then just import the points you want to stake into the LS. When I used to stake subdivisions this is how I always did it.