Dissapointed in Javad Legacy Software!

I was wondering if having the modem on /dev/ser/c was specific to the path ModemVu uses to talk to the internal radio? I thought I read somewhere that the internal modem in the 1M was assignable to any serial port.

Vladimir Zhukov

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Hi Jim, please give a link to this informatiion, so we can correct it.

Radio module and cellular module are sharing the same antenna in TRIUMPH-1M and can not be used concurrently.
Therefore /par/modem/c/port value should be always configured to /dev/ser/c. And receiver firmware always expects either internal radio or internal cellular to be connected to this port.

Setting /par/modem/c/mode allows running modem driver in auto, uhf, fh modes for radios; or gprs, master, slave for run celluar module.

Correction port for radio is serial D.
Correction port for cellualar in CSD mode is serial C.
Correction port for cellualar in gprs mode is TCP Client A (or B) or TCPA (or B, C, D, E), TCPO for TCP server.

Actually these all settings are automated and are not visible to customer, unless you need to program receiver manually.