DPOS Servers Down?

For the past couple days we have been trying to connect to the DPOS servers to process the base data and it continues to say No Service Available Currently. Is the server down?
I've been upgraded to Linux for some time now, I updated J-Field and Linux last friday, and now have another update for J-field and GNSS and will see if this fixed the problem.


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Shawn, I got a call from someone this morning who has already updated to take care of the rollover. He asked if DPOS was down. I havent had a chance to check.

I just checked and web DPOS is working.
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Ralph Dominguez

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I have been on Linux for six months. Until today, I had never seen an error message regarding the inability to connect to a DPOS server. Been happening all day.
During my hair pulling I noticed that there was an update to Jfield and Goedata.

After the update this afternoon, all seems to be working fine.