Sean Joyce

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I just received these questions in an email. I doubt this is even an issue for Javad GNSS but thought I would solicit an answer.


I’m a featured writer for the New Jersey Society of Professional Surveyors Good Points and am looking to publish on the GPS week rollover. I’d like to spotlight comments from network providers and receiver manufacturers. Please provide any input, as many of the end-users of your equipment or broadcasted corrections should be following suit with preparations you may be making now. Also, I would love to feature any responses to the questions below (feel free to elaborate). Please forward this on to anyone who can offer information that can be featured and distributed to my State’s Society and the Tri-State area.

  • · What is/has your organization done to successfully observe the April 2019 GPS week rollover?

  • · What are some of the other improvements included in firmware updates to GPS receivers?

  • · What are the minimum versions of firmware in your systems required to successfully observe the rollover?

  • · Are there software solutions to correct for the errors in time observations after the rollover for those who cannot/will not update?

Thanks again for the time, and we look forward to featuring you in the latest edition of Good Points!


Jacob Elliott
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Some of us are operating Javad receivers that are that old. Could not even guess when the firmware was updated. I just know that they still work as of today, and are useful on projects where I need a load of static receivers. I think I will hold off on the new battery system I mentioned until I am sure they don't brick though.