Easiest way to download point files

Mark O'Hara

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Hey guys, relatively new to the LS+. I don't use it often, but when I do it's because I need to locate a point in a difficult environment. Anyway, I'm looking for the easiest way to transfer the point file to my laptop. To be honest, I can't even figure out how to do it. Also, if possible, is there a way to create a button to do it automatically after I finish a job? For example, sharing the file to a bluetooth device, or emailing it to myself?

Jim Frame

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There's more than one way to skin this cat, but what I do is Data Exchange | Export, choose your destination (I use a USB thumb drive), choose your format, and hit the export button. Then import from the thumb drive to a device of your choosing.

Wes Hand

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You can open up RAMS on your laptop or desktop and download files directly without having to use a usb device. There is always the mini cable that came with the device as well. I can assist you tomorrow if you reach out at wjhand@gmail.com

Wes Hand

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To use RAMS to transfer files to and from a desktop/laptop you will need the following:
-internet connection via wifi in at the office or jetpack/sim card in laptop in the field

I have the following link saved to my favorites on my desktop.. http://www.javadgnss.net/rams-viewer/

For those not familiar transferring files using RAMS, you will need to add a connection by typing rams.javad.com:8800 and hit the add or plus icon. You should be connected to to LS if you have already made the connection under the support icon on the LS. Sorry if some of this is basic to you all but I've included for any newbies.

add connection.PNG

Once you have the connection established obviously pick you LS and you should show a screen shot of your LS. Instead of remote control go to files and select, then navigate to a directory/folder on either the internal memory or sd card where you store your exported text files. The screen shot below is on my SD card. Be aware that selecting a folder versus an individual file will present different options for upload or download. I use dropbox 99.9% of the time but this method works well. I mainly use RAMS files transfer when downloading base session files for DPOS and archiving....this is another topic but if anyone is not using DPOS on the customer area on apps.javad.com you are missing out on some cool stuff.


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