Full Backup and Restore

John Thompson

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There have been a couple threads recently about migrating settings from one LS to another. My LS had to make a return to the factory (no, it didn't get upgraded to LS+) so I have recently been through the process of transferring everything to the loaner unit and back. I made some notes on the process. Maybe those of you that are upgrading to the LS+ (envy, envy) will find this helpful.

On the LS you are transferring from, go to Home>Files>Full Backup and Restore>Backup to USB Stick.
You will also want to export settings profiles. Press Setup, Recall/Manage (General Group), long press the green up arrow button and save the zip file to export your General Group profiles. Do the same to export Action profiles and Favorite Codes & ShapeTags profiles.

Put the USB stick in the LS you are transferring to and go to Home>Files>Full Backup and Restore>Restore from Existing Backup. Select the zip file to restore from and what to restore. If you select all the boxes, you get the following message:

Backup was created on another device (serial number mismatch). Only projects, tags&codes, profiles, and favorites can be restored.

So uncheck Settings and restore everything else. To restore the settings profiles, press Setup, Recall/Manage (General Group), long press the green down arrow button and open the zip file to import your General Group profiles. Do the same to import Action profiles and Favorite Codes & ShapeTags profiles.

I found that the above process transfers most settings: everything under General Group Profiles including Units and other Advanced Settings, Base-Rover Setup, UHF frequencies and call sign, White boxes, Black boxes, U buttons, Antenna Heights MR list and Antenna Height Profiles, Map View Attributes, Codes, Codes & ShapeTags Profiles, Coordinate Systems, and CoGo Settings.

There are some settings that the above process DOES NOT change. These include:
WiFi Networks, passwords, and configuration
GSM Settings
Bluetooth accessory pairings and Home>Bluetooth>Configuration>Autoconnect to Base and Allow Control The Device Via Bluetooth
Home>My TLS>Receiver Details and Find Me Service
Home>System>Dropbox/Google Drive
Home>Files>Browse Files>long press up button>Resource>Mount Cloud Drive
Home>System>Customize settings (Overheat Message, Power off on overheat)
Home>Timing (time zone)
Home>Locks Settings
Setup>Setup>RTK/DGPS>Firmware Package
Home>Support>Remote Assistance (rams.javad.com Port 8800 and password) (I would think these should be default settings but they aren't.)
Home>Files>Data Exchange>Batch Export settings
Export Settings for each file type
Export Presets
Home>DPOS>Settings>Process All raw GNSS Points (Change in each General Group profile)

I'm not sure whether the following settings were changed by Full Backup and Restore or not. You may like to check them.
Home>Points>Resource>Average Cluster Points settings
Home>Support>Software Updates>Settings (PreRelease or Release)
Home>Action>Project>Project Archive Reminder
Home>Files>Browse Files>Favorite Folders List
Home>Files>Data Exchange>Export>Resource>Settings

I found that some settings that I thought would be global are instead stored in the General Profile, so if you want them in all of your General Profiles, you must make changes to each General Profile. These include:
Home>DPOS>Settings>Process All raw GNSS Points
Antenna Height MR list (but not Antenna Height Profiles)
IP and DNS addresses MR list

Hope this helps. Please add to it and correct it as necessary.

John Thompson

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I found another setting that does not get automatically set by Full Backup and Restore. RTN APN settings.
Home>Setup>Edit General Group>Change settings and press Next until RTN APN. I had to create a new RTN APN then edit it to specify RTN Interface, Protocol, Client settings, and Receive format.


This is a great post, it would be great if the JAVAD team could follow up and improve this process. With more folks migrating from LS to LS+ I'm sure this would be a huge time saver for most folks if it were more streamlined.