Ghost Buttons

Is anyone having issues with buttons being pressed automatically and collecting or even just sitting? I noticed while I was collecting, a button would magically click and it would go to another screen. I calibrated the screen and it would still do it. It does not do it all the time, but it seems to do it at the most annoying times.


Nate The Surveyor

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Nate's fix.
Disable the screen, or turn it off.
Very carefully clean the screen, all the way to, and up the edge. Use q-tips, and windex. Or rubbing alcohol.
Clean it twice.
Then re calibrate. It still occasionally ghost clicks, (especially at temp changes) like when going into a heated room, from the cold. Or, going into the cold, from a warm vehicle.
Hold down AV hardware button, at top of screen, every time it ghost clicks.
That's what I do.
Also, if screen seems sluggish, or non responsive.

Sean Joyce

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Nate I have had this issue come and go and posted about it a while back..
At one time it was really bad but seemed to go away after a software update.
I try to keep the screen clean and used canned air to clean out around the edge of the screen where it meets the body of the L.S. to get bits of debris
out that mess with the screen.
Still get ghost clicks and measurements starting every now and then.
Sometimes my L.S. stops short of running through my full action profile for no apparent reason and asks me to accept or reject.
I find that doing a restart or even a hard power off and on helps if I have collected a lot of data in rough conditions and the performance seems lagging.

Sean Joyce

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I am not seeing it fellas


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