How to set up Cloud drive access feature in J-Field application

Dmitry Ostrikov

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How to sign in to JAVAD Customer Services Portal at the pre-production environment.

Please navigate to


then click 'Sign In' and fill in your existing credentials

QIP Shot - Screen 088.png

after successful login - authorize Portal application to manage your inventory just press Grant button


then navigate to Inventory menu then press Product Registration tab then New Key button

New short alphanumeric key will appear. Keep it for the future

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How to perform product registration with the key obtained at the previous step.

Please ensure the Device has an active Internet Connection.

Open 'System' scrren then tap 'Device Registration'


'Device Registration' screen will appear. Tap 'Perform registration'


Web site invitation will appear. Just tap 'OK'


Fill in the key from Web site to Handshake Key input filed then confirm


wait until the first registration process completes


Then the process is done Device will show 'Device Registration' screen again


we are done with device for the moment.
visit products section
the Device must be present like this one

QIP Shot - Screen 085.png

Dmitry Ostrikov

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How to provide access for the J-Filed application to Cloud Drive via the JAVAD Customer Services Portal.

Please navigate to Inventory Accounts tab

QIP Shot - Screen 085.png

press the Google button

Google will ask you to provide permissions to JAVAD application to manage the files on the drive on your behalf
and also ask you to provide access to another information identifying you as Google user.

It is absolutely necessary to provide authorization at this step to make things work.

We advice to use some invaluable account (may be newly created one) at least until our product is released.

QIP Shot - Screen 087.png

After pressing 'Accept' new account will be added to the list.

The same for Drop Box - press 'Allow'

QIP Shot - Screen 088.png
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How to mount Cloud Drive in J-Field application

From the File Browser screen - tap the Folder icon


File Operations popup opens - tap 'Mount Cloud Drive'


'Mount Cloud Drive' screen opens - showing the drive access options your registered via web site.

Select then tap OK


Mounting point popup will appear


After process completes there are mounted cloud drives available in File Explorer as Folders


Sample Drop Box folder content

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Hi Jim,

Could you please provide some screenshots where do you observe the error reply.

Normally you should see something like this

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Jim Campi

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Hi Dmitry,

This has been happening for a few months. I tried both Chrome and IE. Chrome doesn't work with reCAPTCHA..

The attached screen shot was taken after I clicked "forgot password", successfully made it through the "reCAPTCHA" authentication and clicked on the "Email link" botton. About 30 seconds pass and error is displayed. app.javad error - screen shot.jpg
app.javad error - screen shot.jpg