HPT-404BT Output Varification

I am still having trouble getting with my radio connection. I lose it at ±3,300 feet.

During the remote setup default setting is 30. I change it to 4000 and click next. If I go "Back" it is set at 30 again. I don't know if the correct setting is applied or not.

Is there any way to verify the radio is set for 4 watts (4000)

Also there is a new setting in Transmit Format "RTK-RTCM 3.0 MSM4" Should this be used?


Kelly Bellis

ME PLS 2099

Did you have your radio hoisted as high as your extension cord(s) would allow?
Did you situate your base on a knoll or other UHF-optimal location?
Did you have your external UHF antenna on?
I'm guess the answer to all three questions is yes, but if not, then those aspects may improve distance markedly if you haven't tried them.

1) The chronic misreporting of 30 is a known issue and the developers have been informed (again ; )

2) So far the only thing I have used for an indication; and granted, it's not a measure of output power - is to observe the RSSI values in the UHF status screen.

3) That's a new one I hadn't seen. Hopefully somebody more in the know that I will fill us in on it. FYI and FWIW, you can save the step of creating a pdf by simply uploading the graphic image using the Upload a File button and then inserting full image (or thumbnail if you like).

I was previously told to use "RTK-RTCM 3.0", but when the new one was added, I was not sure whether I should use it or not.

Thanks Kelly!

Shawn Billings

Shawn Billings
MSM it to support new constellations (Galileo, Beidou, etc.) As Kelly said, the important thing is for base to match rover. Currently I'm not sure there are any advantages to using MSM with the Triumph2/TriumphLS system.