Import CORS Rinex File

James Suttles

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Is there anyway to import a Rinex of CORS data to an LS, attach the CORS GNSS/RINEX as a base point, and use the CORS data as your Base for PPK? That maybe asking a lot, but could help in certain instances.

If not readable in native RINEX format, would it require Justin to take the CORS data and make it into a JPS format or some other fomat that the LS can then use?

This maybe a question for @Alexey Razumovsky

If not possible, currently, could it be possible in a future release of JField?

Example: You go out and setup a base to work from. Your project spans a whole county, 20 miles or so. You notice a CORS station is on one side of the county. You are able to download the CORS data in RINEX File format for the times you are in working. You download the CORS data, you need to import the CORS data into the LS, attach it as a base point, and run DPOS.

Is it possible that this could work, if so you just gained another base to use in your DPOS reduction. I know this sounds complicated, but when I do static work you can download the RINEX files and post process them in TBC or I would assume Justin, so it would be nice if it could be done in the LS as well.


James Suttles

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Thanks Matt, guess I was overthinking the process. So when I process with DPOS I will pick option #3 in order to do what I had outlined.