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Does the Triumph-1M have an option for an internal UHF radio for broadcast as well as receive?

ie: an external 35 watt radio is not always required?



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Thanks for the quick reply Matt.

I assume internal is something like 1 watt?

What is the expected range with that setup?

And then an extended question would be: can the javad 35 watt radio be configured as a repeater to then relay and extend that internal radio if needed?

I am thinking that I could work locally with the base setup then if I lost radio link I could extend the range with the repeater setup in a convenient radio location.

I havnt heard of anyone utilizing that type of setup. I just seems like a really good and convenient setup to me.

Matt Johnson

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Yes it is an internal 1 watt radio. The full specs are at

The biggest factor that I've found that affects the range of radios is terrain. If you have a clear line-of-sight between the rover and the radio you should be able to get a mile out of the radio I think. If you don't have a good line-of-sight the range can be a lot less.

The 35 watt radio can be configured as a repeater so that setup would probably work well.


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I did go with that setup. Let you know how things are working when I have a chance to put some time in over the next month or 2.