Invalid GNSS data??

I was in a hurry yesterday and forgot to start my base, had everything set up, just walked away without starting. So after I crossed a nasty ravine, I remembered that I didn't start the base. I thought I would continue to the point I wanted to observe and observe with the LS and send the data in for post processing. The site is in the trees with canopy, not any heavier than I had use the LS in with RTK and got good results with RTK, PPE and CORS. I submitted the file to DPOS and received a Invalid Data notice. I observed for 25 minutes. Will someone please look at the attached file and let me know if this procedure of recording data without the base started will work or is there some other problem. Thanks, Ron



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Someone I spoke with the other day had trouble. They had a network selected from another country. Make sure you have a network suited to your locale selected. I'm sure you know that but it could be the case. CORS USA for example.